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Feed A Kid

COVID-19 is ruthless in its toll on the world, causing deaths, illnesses and economic despair. In Malaysia, the bottom 40% of the population is being hit the hardest, with hundreds of thousands expected to lose their jobs in the coming few months.

In light of all of this, HungerHurts is launching Feed A Kid, another initiative to help B40 families all over Malaysia.

This initiative is a collaboration effort between Hunger Hurts, schools, and local grocery providers.

In essence, it's a fundraiser where donations are channeled to a few chosen schools located in areas where poverty is rife. These schools will then purchase grocery items to be distributed to their local communities, and wherever possible, purchase the groceries from the communities’ own local grocery provider.

Details of Feed A Kid:

Project Duration - 14 days

Recipients - 70 primary school students & their families

Items - 2 months groceries worth RM 300 (RM 150per month)

Total funds to be raised - RM 21,000

To achieve this, we need your help. No donation is too small when combined with many, so let’s band together and do our part in taking care of these underprivileged kids and their families.

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