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Kind-er Aid

Due to Malaysia's COVID-19 epidemic lock-down, thousands of B40 families have lost their sources of income and are now unable to purchase even the most basic of necessities. NGOs and government agencies are scrambling to channel aid, but with the lock-down end date far in sight, it will be some time before these families receive the assistance that they desperately need.

But these families need help, and they need it now.

With speed as our utmost priority, our team had the idea, what if instead of fundraising or collecting donation items for these families (which requires time, resources and manpower to coordinate), we could instead connect these families to individuals that have the capability to help. Not to big corporations, NGOs or government agencies, but to ordinary individuals, like you and me. What if instead of relying on institutions to channel aid, individuals could skip the middleman and take on that responsibility. That was how Kind-er Aid was started.

Kind-er Aid is a match-making platform to connect B40 families with individuals that have the capability to help. Families who are in need fill up their details on a simple Google Form, and state what they need with four options to choose from (financial aid, groceries, COVID-19 essentials, baby essentials). On the other end, our donors fill up another form, and if there's a match, we link the donor to the family that desperately needs assistance. It's really that simple.

Now of course, then there's the question of how do we make sure families who register on this platform are the ones that legitimately need assistance. Even though we would like to help every B40 family that is in need, we've decided to go with the route of only accepting applications from families that live in low-cost flats & PPRs, easily verifiable by their electricity bills and IC.

We have ambitious goals for this project, but we're starting small. Our current target is to match 50 deserving families to individuals that can assist them by 31st of May 2020. If you believe that you should be one of those individuals, if you believe that its our duty to take care of those who need us, sign-up on Kind-er Aid now and let's take care of our fellow Malaysians.

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