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Mask Up

As we all know, with the spread of the Covid-19, a face mask is the only protective gear we have to protect ourselves against contracting the virus. Malaysia has made it compulsory to wear face mask(s) as of 1st of August 2020 failure of which is finable to RM 1000. Unfortunately to many B40 families across Malaysia, spending RM 1 per day on one mask is not something they can afford, hence the inspiration behind our project. Hunger Hurts has been hard at work ever since the pandemic struck. The government wants to protect us, but some of us need more protecting. It is unfair to see people going through rubbish bins and reusing disposable masks while we simply sit around and wait it out. Hunger Hurts is partnering with Yayasan geuntanyeo. We are going to be distributing reusable masks to the people, to children and families in need. Masks help us battle Covid19 but what about ppl who are battling through their daily lives? Who protects them? 

How Mask Up Benefits Both Ends. 1. Reusable Masks are purchased from @yayasangeutanyoe an organization that employs B40 women and Refugees who will be making the masks. 2. By purchasing a Reusable Mask you will help generate income for the employees as all proceeds go directly to them. 3. Reusable Masks purchased and donated will then be distributed to lower income groups/communities; identified individuals and individuals/families who are alerted to us across Malaysia. (If you know anyone who needs help, be sure to message us!) Help us reach near and far communities and help us protect them because their welfare should be taken care of! 

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06 Eyl 2022

Assalamualaikum macam mna nak memohon bantuan ye

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