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Sole Searching

Thousands of underprivileged kids are in need of school shoes. For low-income families, shoes are one of the most expensive items to buy. With that in mind, having to choose between feeding their kids and giving them proper shoes, we all know what the answer would be. Our project is aimed to collect 500 pairs of shoes by the end of the year to distribute to underprivileged kids nationwide. 

School shoes are distributed to school catering to students from lower income families, homeless kids and orphans. 

Duration Period: 1st August to 31st  December 2019

Total Collection: 581 pair of school shoes / RM 11,620

School shoes were segregated to five (5) schools in Malaysia

  • SK Kepong Baru, Selangor

  • SJKT Ladang Chemor, Perak

  • SK Bimbingan Jalinan Kasih, Chow Kit Kuala Lumpur

  • PPR Pekan Kepong, Selangor

  • SK Seri Suria, Kuala Lumpur

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